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CEO & COO Message



I believe data can strengthen the relationships and the interactions between people.

Some people say IT weakens the relationships between people,
but I believe that data deepens mutual understanding and thus, strengthens relationships.

For example, you visit your go-to restaurant.
Once you ask for the "same one as usual", your usual order comes out seemlessly.
This becomes possible by collecting and analyzing past and external data.

Data produces valuable insights, and the ways of using them are endless.
Anyone in the world can get what they want, meet who they want,
And make values of their own. I want to create such a future, and I believe that it is possible.

"Use big data to create more value in society".
This is INSIGHT LAB’s mission: it is our value.

Today, we are living with data and the diversifying uses of technology.
Our services pertain how to use data and create new value.
And our approach is always "What the essence of our customers’ needs are”

INSIGHT LAB, as a group of data specialists,
we would like to constantly implement new technology and knowledge, and create new value.

Going forward, we expect endless challenges, and constant growth.
We will strive to create a prosperous future through pride and determination.

Starting with the next 100 years, we will strive to contribute to our customers and society.

We look forward to your continued support.

CEO and Founder


In recent years, big data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have attracted wide attention.

The ways of using them are becoming increasingly diverse,
and we are all highly required to find the valuable way to use them for business and society.


Since INSIGHT LAB(The predecessor I-ways)established in 2005,
we derived useful insights for management by analyzing big data,
realized accurate and speedy business decisions and has accumulated
results in the field of Business Analytics.
It was even before the word "big data" was recognized in Japan.


Our philosophy, "Making the impossible possible and supporting the customer's challenge"
is never change.
We keep growing with synchronize to the changes of the times
and the evolution of technology.
And we contribute to customers and local communities by effectively using AI.


What we cherish is the pursuit of what customers essentially demand,
to provide the best solution that exceeds customer expectations.

Rather than just providing systems and analysis tools,
it's about creating new value from data.

And it is definitely the power of people to make it happen.

People are always the basis of our business and
it is the communications with our customers and our team
that bring out the unlimited potential of technology and data.

Therefor “A research institute that brings together people and
technologies with various skills and individualities,
experiments from various viewpoints, and creates business chemical reactions”

This is the meaning included in name of our company, “INSIGHT LAB, Inc.”


Our team has a lot of knowledge, experience and individuality.

We accelerate our company's growth and contribute more to customers and society.

INSIGHT LAB together with all customers and
all related organizations expand the possibilities of data and create a richer society.


Thank you for your continued guidance and kindness.



Please feel free to contact us.


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